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We was simply in PCB production before, while during our cooperation with our customers, we found even we send our boards in time, customers might still can’t push their project as scheduled, and loose the best time for marketing. More and more of them purchase more parts from China, while sometimes they can’t control well for other of their suppliers, even sometimes will out of control. They are not able to come soon or even start branch in China. They waste a lot of time on discussing, waiting for response or complaint to many different suppliers; they can’t tell if the parts are really good, or can match each other before having in hand -  we can do this – we can help to check all parts and assemble them based on your instruction, to save time and delivery cost when some parts should be rejected.

In fact, all technologies we are able to match you a good maker, 3D printing, overmolding, CNC, etching, die casting, sheet metal, punching, MIM, plastic injection, rubber injection, extrusion, things related to package and cartons. Whatever from the very beginning to end of your product.

We don’t produce these parts by ourselves, while in 10+ years we have verified many different makers, different scales, different technologies, our engineer will consult first which technology will be the best one to make your part, and combining information of your project to choose the most suitable maker.

Most importantly, we have our own assembly line, we can collect all parts together and assemble before delivery, even though some parts are purchased by yourself; this can test all parts again, and make sure product you receive are good. This will help you save much energy and shipping cost.

Integrity and responsibility are the keywords of our team. We aiming at establishing win-win partnership with our customers, not simply a product supplier. We have strict production plant audition process, and quality inspection during production beside factories’ own quality control system. All products can only be released to customer after factories’ QA, and our own QA checking. All our parts will be delivered with COC, outgoing testing report.

For PCB/PCBA, we need gerber file and BOM; other parts, like plastic shells, metal mechanical parts, rubbers, best to have 3D and 2D (with detailed tolerance, material and other information you concern). Standard parts like fasteners (screws, nuts, washers etc) you can send BOM simply.

Yes, we support rapid prototyping. 1-2 days can send you sample, to save much cost and time on molding, especially plastic parts.