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Product Description

[Product model]: T02 pen clip

[Lamp bead model]: CREE-T6

[Lens Material]: Optical convex lens

[Working gear]: 5th gear

[Applicable batteries]: 18650 or 3 No. 7 cells

[Product material]: Aluminum alloy

[Operating voltage]: 3.7V

[Product color]: black

[Product lamp cup]: None

[Is direct charging possible]: No

[Whether to adjust focus]: Telescopic focus

[Product weight]: 124G


1. T6 lamp beads have strong long-range shooting ability, wide irradiation range and long battery life.

2. Convex lens lens: Eagle Eye convex lens lens has good light transmission performance and is not easy to be damaged. The strong aluminum attack head protects the lens from wear;

3. Telescopic zoom: stretch the head left and right to zoom, astigmatism-concentration mode, convenient for use in different situations;

4. Tail switch: Rubber material, anti-slip surface treatment, light touch switch to switch lighting mode; pen clip is easy to carry.

5. Battery contacts: Copper-plated cylindrical battery contact design. Copper has good conductive properties and can effectively prevent poor contact.

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